Here Are Just A Few Of The Companies We've Performed For Recently:


Listen To What Karen Axdorff of The AMWAY CORPORATION Has To Say About A Custom Murder Mystery We Put Together For Their Company Event:

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-Karen Axdorff of The AMWAY CORPORATION

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company entertainment michiganListen To What Danielle Robinson of The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Has To Say About A Custom Murder Mystery We Put Together For Their Recent Fundraiser:

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       -Danielle Robinson of The CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION

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Here's What KRISTEN TUNGATE of Baudville in Grand Rapids Has To Say About A Custom Murder Mystery We Put Together For Their Corporate Christmas Party:

"A standing ovation!  No kidding, when the mystery completed, all of our employees practically lept to their feet cheering and applauding!  This was such an amazing success - to see the smiling faces throughout the room as the mystery unfolded, it was wonderful.  This was truly one of the most memorable parties we've ever thrown, thanks to Ransom Note Entertainment's murder mystery."

-Kristen Tungate of BAUDVILLE, Grand Rapids, MI

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Listen To What LOREN TANIS ofmurder mystery grand rapids Mall City Containers Has To Say About A Custom Murder Mystery We Recently Put Together For Their Group:

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"What a hoot!  Every time I think of the murder mystery we had for our lawfirm holiday party, it makes me smile and laugh out loud.  Our lawyers and all of our employees had such a great time.  The only problem is - how are we going to top it for next year?  That's a nice problem to have, I must admit!  Thanks, Todd, and everyone at Ransom Note Entertainment for making our party so memorable and special"

- Cindy Root of Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge, Grand Rapids, MI

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Listen To What Marty Smith of Grand Rapids Has To Say About A Custom Murder Mystery We Put Together For Her Private Party:

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-Marty Smith of GRAND RAPIDS, MI

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Here's What Other Groups Have To Say About Todd Lewis & Ransom Note Entertainment's Unique Shows:

"Todd - thank you so much for creating a party that will go down in the record books as one of the best ever.  I wasn't sure what to expect, and it was so much better than I ever thought it would be.  If you ever need someone to trumpet your group, please let me know - they are the best!"

     - Dana Rudoni of RUDONI MANAGEMENT, Mt. Pleasant,    MI

"When I talked with Todd for the first time on the phone, I knew we were in great hands.  So many times, when it comes to entertainers, you're not always sure that you're going to be taken great care of, but I could tell Todd went above and beyond in every way.  And the mystery he and his group delivered went beyond expectations as well.  I recommend them very highly."

                       -Sheila Bolus of JOMAR, Warren, MI

"What an amazing night!  I don't remember the last time I heard our employees laughing so hard and having such a great time!  And the president of our company got into too - he was having a ball.  Truly unique entertainment is so hard to find, but we found it with Todd and his group.  Anyone looking for something fun and different - they need look no further than Ransom Note Entertainment."

     -Lisa Castle of Robert F. Murray & Company, Mt. Pleasant, MI


"What a wonderful time!  I don't think I've ever heard a whole room of people laughing so hard and having such a great night!  The thing I liked the most was the way the performers worked our company into the show - it was like it was written just for us.  Absolutely amazing.  I recommend Ransom Note Entertainment VERY highly to anyone looking for a great company party."

                                     -Tori Bullen of JNL, Lansing MI

"Company parties can be so hard to plan - you want everyone to have a great time, but there are so many different people with different interests - how can you make sure they all have fun?  Well, I found the way.  The customized murder mystery Ransom Note Entertainment put together for us was just what we were looking for.  Everyone had such an amazing time, we're not sure how we're going to top ourselves next year!   It was fantastic! "

      - Karen Hawkins of Barnes & Sweeney, Walled Lake, MI

"I wanted our 100 year company anniversay to go out with a BANG, and boy did it!  We'd been planning this 100 year party for nearly a year, and we wanted entertainment that would be something totally memorable.  The customized murder mystery Todd created for us exceeded all our expectations.  If you're 'on the fence' about whether a murder mystery would be right for you, let me say - 'YES!'  Call Todd right away!"

                  - Mitch Ware of Burch Fabrics, Grand Rapids, MI

"We've done a number of events here at Egypt Valley over the years, and I've never seen our members get so involved and excited! It was wonderful to see them working so hard to solve the crime, and laughing so hard at the antics of the characters.  I highly recommend Todd Lewis and Ransom Note Entertainment to anyone looking for a night of entertainment unlike any other."

      -Les Hagaman, EGYPT VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB, Grand Rapids

 "Wow!  It looks like the Michigan public has really been looking for something this unique and fun for a long time!  The response to this show was STELLAR!  I even had a woman tell me that this was the best evening she'd had all year.  Yes, ALL YEAR!  As I looked out over the audience of 185 people, I saw nothing but huge smiles - from ear to ear.  If you ever get a chance to see a Ransom Note Entertainment show like this, don't miss it!"

                          -Craig Pirrotta, NINO'S In MUSKEGON

 "What a great time!  Thanks, Todd, for putting together an evening of entertainment that none of us will ever forget!  And, believe me, I know it's not easy to get a room full of lawyers laughing and cheering at the same time!  Every character was a joy to watch, and we couldn't wait to see what happened next!"

             -Paula Semeyn, MCSHANE & BOWIE LAWFIRM

 "Todd Lewis and Ransom Note Entertainment made our Christmas party one that none of my staff will ever forget!  They're still talking about it!  What made it truly unique was the way Todd customized the show for my employees, even singling out one of them as a possible 'suspect' in the fake crime.  I haven't heard my staff laugh out loud like this in a long time!  I can't recommend Ransom Note Entertainment enough!"

                         -Dr. Dave Cramer, Jenison

  "Todd's production on New Years Eve here at the B.O.B. was such a crowd-pleaser!  Anyone who gets a chance to work with Ransom Note Entertainment should do so.  There really is no other entertainment like it, and it's sure to leave a big smile on the faces of all who attend.  Todd's writing, directing, and acting were superb, and he put together a cast that interacted with the audience perfectly."

                   -Kim Lemmen, THE B.O.B., Grand Rapids

 "We didn't want to do the typical employee party - we wanted something really unique, special, and VERY fun.  That's when we heard about Todd Lewis and his interactive entertainment.  I'm SO GLAD we contacted him!  Everyone at the party had such a great time, and the way Todd customized the show for our group was perfect!  I don't know how we're going to top this party next year.  Anyone looking for a truly unique and exciting night of entertainment must give Todd a call."

     -Jan VanKalker, DVK CONSTRUCTION, Grand Rapids

 "I had no idea how funny a murder mystery could be!  Our guests were laughing themselves silly, and the characters you and your cast created were so real, so interesting, and so fun to interact with.  In fact, one of our guest, a woman who is generally hard to please, called me the next day to say that this was one of the best nights she'd had!  Plus, your professionalism is extraordinary.  We're so pleased we found you, and look forward to more of your entertainment."

 -Donna Cole, STRATFORD TOWNHOUSES, Grand Rapids

 "I was so surprised to see how much our group got into this show!  Usually, they are very quiet, and kind of reserved, but as this show progressed, they were laughing and smiling, and really trying to solve the crime.  Anyone who's looking for something special for a corporate party should really talk to Todd at Ransom Note Entertainment."

                         -Liz Bracken, SELECT BANK, Grand Rapids

 "I want to do it all again!  I'd heard about these murder mystery things, but I had no idea what it was really going to be like.  And it was so much more than I ever expected.  What our group really loved the most was the way Todd and his whole crew at Ransom Note Entertainment worked our company employees into the show! It was incredible!  It was so much more than just watching entertainment, it was like we were a natural part of it.  A great time was had by all, and I would recommend them to anyone."

 -Christina Lemke, NATIONAL RETAIL LIQUIDATORS, Grand Rapids

 "Thank you Todd, and everyone at Ransom Note Entertainment, for making our company party the best ever!  I know we'll all be talking about this one for a long time to come. The way you worked our group into the show was amazing.  I think that was the part everyone enjoyed the most.  And The characters were so much fun to watch and interact with! Thanks again."

        -Beth Bultema, MICHIGAN FAMILY RESOURCES, Grand Rapids

 "You know, coming up with special and unique things to do for our company parties has always been a challenge, but not this year! Your murder mystery was a knockout success with our entire group!  You've created some amazing characters to interact with everyone – they were so much fun to watch.  Thanks for making our party one that we'll never forget!"

                         -Dan Starkey, ERM, Grand Rapids

 "I want to thank you, once again, for one of our best Holiday parties ever.  People are still talking about it two weeks after the event!  Your group was very professional, and VERY funny!  Many people commented to me how all of the actors stayed "in character."  I was also happy that you kept it "tasteful" enough for our party at the PineLake Country Club.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and would highly recommend your services to anyone needing entertainment for their event."

 -Sherry Kelly, BROOKS-KUSHMAN LAWFIRM, Southfield, MI

 "This was the second time I got to see one of Ransom Note Entertainment's murder mysteries, and it just keeps getting better! Todd and his whole crew had our guests practically rolling on the floor with laughter.  Plus, the mystery itself was really tough to solve!  One of our guests actually solved it completely, and won a great prize!  I would bring Todd and his group in again in a second to create another mystery for us. I recommend them VERY highly."

      -Bill Down, MIDWEST AIR FILTER, Grand Rapids

"We didn't want to do the typical employee party - we wanted something really unique, special, and VERY fun.  That's when we heard about Todd Lewis and his interactive entertainment.  I'm SO GLAD we contacted him!  Everyone at the party had such a great time, and the way Todd customized the show for our group was perfect!  I don't know how we're going to top this party next year.  Anyone looking for a truly unique and exciting night of entertainment must give Todd a call."

      - Jan Vankalker of DVK Construction, Grand Rapids, MI


"How Your Next Corporate Party Will Be The 'Talk Around The Water Cooler' For Weeks To Come...."

    Todd Lewis here, and YES - that's me in the middle with the magnifying glass in that crazy photograph there.  I know, I look like a dork, but I did it to prove a point - that I'm going to solve a great mystery for you in this webpage.  The mystery of "how to make your corporate party a night everyone will remember for YEARS, and that will make YOU the hero of your company!"

    Throughout this page, there are some GREAT words from groups we've performed murder mysteries for over the last few years.  They say so much more than I ever could about this amazing entertainment.  In fact, to the LEFT there are quite a few already.

Have a question?   Feel free to CALL ME:


     Okay, it's time to think about options for your corporate party - what will you do?  You can do the old "let's go to a restaurant or banquet hall, and sit around and try NOT to talk about work" thing.  Doesn't sound very exciting, does it?

     You could always hire a comedian to come to your party and do a series of jokes about the workforce.  Still not knocking your socks off, is it?

 Just Suppose You Could Throw A Corporate Party That Would Have Everyone Laughing, Clapping, and Cheering - All While Entertaining Them In A Way They've Never Experienced?  How Cool Would That Be?

NOTE:  These Exciting MURDER MYSTERIES Can Be Performed Just About Anywhere - So, even if you already have your location picked, give us a call!  We can perform there! (providing we still have your date open...)

     Your goal is simple - supply your company with a party that people will remember forever, and that doesn't cost a fortune.  You want to show the employees of your company that they are appreciated - and the best way to do that is to surprise them with a party that is more than just the "obligatory office party" that most people dread.

     Nothing against the "typical" office party, mind you.  They are better than nothing.  But the fact that you've read this far tells me that you're looking for something different.  Something special.  Something NEW.

  A Ransom Note Entertainment CUSTOM Murder Mystery Is The Most Unique Corporate Entertainment You'll Ever See, And It Requires NO Work On Your Part!

Have a question?   Feel free to CALL ME:


     So, what's all this "Custom Murder Mystery" stuff all about?  Well, in a nutshell, it combines the best of scripted theater, improvisation, comedy, mystery, and audience participation into one exciting AND FULLY CUSTOMIZED event for you and all employees of your company.

     First, you and your guests will arrive.  You'll meet 6 of the most outlandish and interesting characters you've ever seen.  Motives will pop up - clues will be discovered - and then ----  AAAAHHHHHH!!!  A vicious (yet entertaining) murder will occur!  Who committed this terrible crime?  That's when the fun really begins for you and all the employees of your company.

     You'll all get to question suspects.  You'll all get a chance to solve the crime.  And you'll all have the help of an undercover police officer - guiding you all the way!

 If Your Members Don't Have THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES At This Event - YOU DON'T PAY US!

      Wow!  How's that for a guarantee?!  No other entertainment company that I know of anywhere will stand behind their shows to this degree.  And I mean it - if you don't feel this is one of the best events you've ever presented for your employees - if your guests don't literally come up to you and tell you how great this evening of entertainment was - you don't pay me for it.

I offer this guarantee because I know that we are truly great at what we do.  I'm not trying to be arrogant.  I've just spent the last decade of my life creating these murder mysteries and other interactive entertainment.  I know how to make them extremely entertaining, and if your employees don't have a great time, I don't feel you should have to pay me.  It's that simple.  (By the way, I've included some comments from other companies in the Grand Rapids area that we've worked with at the end of this page!)

Have a question?   Feel free to CALL ME:


 The Key To A Successful Event For Your Guests?  It's All About Tailoring The Entertainment Specifically To The Audience.

And If You CALL ME (no cost, no obligation) Within The Next 7 DAYS, I'll UPGRADE YOU To Our "FULLY CUSTOMIZED DELUXE MYSTERY" At No Extra Charge!  That's A $750 VALUE!

      This is what really separates Ransom Note Entertainment from other forms of entertainment you could have at your event.  You don't want a show that's been performed hundreds of times – you want a show THAT'S UNIQUE TO YOUR GROUP. Well, IF YOU ACT NOW (within the next 7 days), you can get our FULLY CUSTOMIZED DELUXE MYSTERY SHOW" for the same price as our BASIC SHOW.  You SAVE $750!

     As part of our "FULLY CUSTOMIZED DELUXE SHOW," I take the time to customize the show perfectly for your group.  I'll find out all the specifics - what your guests are like - who may want to be more "involved" in the show - what will make this a night to remember for everyone.  In fact, one of the things people love MOST about our FULLY CUSTOMIZED DELUXE MYSTERY is the fact that we can pick a couple people from your group (without them knowing about it ahead of time) and single them out as suspects in the crime!  Then, we'll pull them up during the show, and let all the rest of your employees (and some of our characters) interrogate them in front of everyone!  It's so much fun, and always gets big laughs. 

 I'll Bet That You Have Someone In Mind RIGHT NOW – The "Clown" Of Your Group – Who Would Be Perfect To Make A Part Of The Show Like This!  But DON'T TELL THAT PERSON!  Let's Make It A Surprise!

     PLUS – as part of our DELUXE show, I'll even put together a special personalized "ACE DETECTIVE SUPER SLEUTH CERTIFICATE" & "GIFT BAG" that the cast will present to your guest who SOLVES THE CRIME!  This gives them even more incentive to get involved and to solve the crime.

     That's just the beginning.  I'd love to tell you more about this whole idea.  I'll tell you what - here's what I think we should do.  Why don't you give me a call here at the Ransom Note offices at 616-560-2761, and we can chat a bit (no cost, no obligation) about how I will customize this event for you.  We can chat about what you're looking for, and I can tell you more about what I do.  Then, if you decide you'd like to have me create this corporate event for you, then we can check dates and get something booked.

WARNING!!!  This Is The Busiest Time Of Year For Us!  We're Already Booking Up Through The New Year.  I Do Have A Few Dates Still Available - But They Are Going Fast!

     Companies are really starting to take note of this exciting new form of entertainment - and no one does it better than Ransom Note Entertainment.  We're getting tons of calls asking about availability, and once a date is booked, it's gone for good.  So,  Call me right now at 616-560-2761, and leave your name and phone number, and I'll call you back within 24 hours.  There's no cost or obligation at all - we'll just chat about this whole fantastic idea.  You've nothing to risk, and your employees will be thrilled when they attend the best corporate party ever!

 I look forward to hearing from you.



 Todd M. Lewis

OWNER - Ransom Note Entertainment

P.S. #1 - after the testimonials below, I've include a TOP 10 LIST you may want to check out!  Talk soon...

P.S. #2 - and don't forget - call me within 7 days, and I'll customize the show for you AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!  Saves your company $750!

 And A Few Words From Theaters And Directors In Town Who Have Worked With Todd Lewis:

 "I have known Todd for more than ten years.  I have seen his work as an actor often during that time and have directed him three times, in 1991 in 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses,' in 1995 in 'Tent Meeting,' and in 1999 in 'The Herbal Bed.'  So I have also had ample opportunity to evaluate Todd as a performer and a person.  I would have no hesitancy in recommending Todd as a performer (and for that matter, as a person).  He is extremely dedicated to his craft, hard working and diligent.  He is also very easy to work with and always assumes a leadership position in any cast.  I have always found him to arrive prepared, ready to join the rehearsal, leaving his ego at the door, and becoming a vital collaborator in the process.  Onstage, he is compelling to watch, magnetic and full of energy.  There have been several shows he has appeared in recently where his work was the outstanding performance (Macduff in 'Macbeth' at Heritage Theatre and Carl Magnus in 'A Little Night Music' at Circle Theatre are two recent performances that I attended where this was the case.)  He is an accomplished all-round performer, more talented than even he knows, and a very pleasant person with which to work."

                  -Fred Sebulske

                   Executive Director – Actor's Theatre

                   Grand Rapids, MI

 "It is a pleasure to recommend the work of Todd Lewis. He is an actor of incomparable charm, energy, and instinct.  I was fortunate to direct his Benedick in 'Much Ado About Nothing' in the Fall of 2000.  Todd was simply wonderful.  Not only as Benedick, but as a member of the ensemble.  He is a generous, caring and supportive member of the cast.  Todd possesses the rare ability to be equally comfortable in the comic and serious moments of any show / any style.  I've seen him perform many times, most recently as Carl Magnus in 'A Little Night Music.'  His beautiful voice and wonderfully fatuous performance made him the perfect foil for Frederick and Desiree, yet with dimension and a reality that truly paints a character.  With Todd, one never gets caricature - he always delivers a person.  Todd Michael Lewis receives my highest recommendation."

                  -Bruce Tinker

                   Executive Director - Civic Theatre

                   Grand Rapids, MI

 "Todd has been one of our strongest performers during the past five years.  His work at Circle Theatre includes Nick Piazza in 'FAME,' Judas in 'Godspell,' and Count Carl Magnus in 'A Little Night Music.'  This season, Todd will play the role of Billy Flynn in 'Chicago.'  What has impressed me most about Todd is his consistent strength in all areas of performance.  He is a fine actor who has performed a diverse collection of roles from Shakespeare to new plays.  Todd has worked with a variety of directors, choreographers, and musical directors. He is known as an actor who works hard, learns quickly and fits in well with any ensemble.  His talent, energy and creativity would make a positive impact on any production."

                  -Joe Dulin

                   Managing Director - Circle Theatre

                   Grand Rapids, MI

 "I've had the pleasure of working with Todd Lewis on two high-profile projects in theGrand Rapids area, and I am very impressed by his dedication to the craft of theatre. As a Stage Director / Choreographer, with a professional background in performing, I am always searching for outstanding talent.  Todd has the abilities to connect material with emotions, and conveys an instinctively truthful performance in which NOTHING is ever held back.  He possesses a strong sense of audience awareness that requires timing and experience, and he is equally comfortable with drama, comedy or musical theatre."

                         -Sherry Lee Allen

                          Director / Choreographer                    

                          Grand Rapids, MI

 "Todd has worked with WKTV on a number of projects over the last four years, most importantly on the 'Magical Medieval Spectacular' and as the host of 'WKTV Presents.'  Our experience with him has always been one of professionalism and dedication to doing his best in every way.  I would recommend him and his work to anyone."

                       -Tom Norton

                        General Manager - WKTV-25

                        Grand Rapids, MI

Still Not Convinced Enough To Call Me (no cost, no obligation?)  Well, here are 10 reasons you SHOULD right now:


 1.  If your employees aren't THRILLED, YOU DON'T PAY! – The best guarantee in entertainment.  NO OTHER MYSTERY COMPANY offers this guarantee.  If your employees don't actually come up to you and tell you this was the most amazing night of entertainment ever at a company party, you don't pay me.  Period.

 2.  You will be the "HERO OF YOUR COMPANY! - You will get ALL the credit when this show is an amazing success!  The employees of your company will recognize that you went above-and-beyond with this party, and they will consider this one of their best nights out EVER!  I GUARANTEE IT.

 3.  We FULLY CUSTOMIZE THE SHOW around your group! – No other form of entertainment is going to customize their show like we do. We'll work your company into the show. We'll work some of your employees into the show (and surprise them, if you like), we'll even have an undercover cop pretend to be a new employee at your company.  I'll tell you more when you call for your no-cost, no-obligation chat…

 4.   It's not NEARLY as expensive as you may think! – Yes, arranging a "murder" is usually pretty expensive (ask the Godfather or Tony Soprano how much it costs to "hit" someone), but in this case, it's a drop in the bucket.  In fact, if you call me WITHIN THE NEXT 7 DAYS, you'll save $750! 

 5.   Nothing is worse than the "TYPICAL MANDITORY COMPANY PARTY!" Okay, I don't want to knock the typical company party, but come on.  Other than the free drinks and food, usually it's a snooze-fest for employees.  NOT HERE! Whether your employees want to solve a challenging mystery, or simply sit back and be entertained by crazy characters, this will be a night that NO ONE will feel was "obligation"!

 6.  Other Companies Have Spoken – THIS IS THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT EVER! – Okay, nothing will speak as strongly as what OTHERS have to say about this entertainment.  (see the testimonials above.)

 7.  We come to you!  - That's right, we'll actually perform this show ANYWHERE YOU WANT!  - We've performed in nearly every venue in the Grand Rapids area, and in many in the Detroit area.  No matter where you wish to hold your party, our entertainment will fit RIGHT IN!

 8.  We handle EVERYTHING for you, so you can RELAX and have fun!  Putting together great entertainment for a company party can become a full-time job.  But not here.  I'll handle EVERYTHING for you – from preparing the show, to contacting the location to make sure everything will be set up right.  You can just sit back and enjoy the show like everyone else.

 9.  We create characters that will have your guests LAUGHING LIKE CRAZY!  - The focus of the show is always on having fun, and nothing is more fun than LAUGHTER.  And we've got 7 characters that will have everyone practically rolling on the floor!  We've even had people start CRYING – they were laughing that hard!  No kidding.

 10.    Happy employees make for HARD-WORKING employees! – Nothing encourages hard work and dedication more than showing how much you care about your employees.  The murder mystery I will create for your group will show them just how much they mean to the company, and that will translate to better work, and more loyalty.  This is a great INVESTMENT in your business, and remember – it's GUARANTEED to be great, or you don't pay!

 CALL 616-560-2761 to chat (no cost, no obligation) about how a murder mystery will be the highlight of the year for you, and EVERYONE at your company!


Here's What Ransom Note Entertainment Specializes In:

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